Truck Licence

Getting your truck licence and onto the open road

Getting your truck licence is a big step, and there’s a fair bit of learning and training to undertake before you can get behind the wheel of a truck.

At Yugo Driving School, we offer courses and training in all sized trucks to help you get licenced and confident when you’re out on the road. All of our courses are VicRoads certified to meet the national standards required.

But which type of truck licence is best? Here we’ve compiled a rundown of the courses we offer, so you can see which one suits your needs or career aspirations best. And remember, all are VicRoads certified, so you know you’re getting instruction from the best.Truck Driving on Highway

Yugo Truck Licence Courses

Yugo offers training in the following categories of Heavy Vehicle Training & Testing (see below for more information on each):

  • Light Rigid
  • Medium Rigid Bus Training
  • Medium Rigid (Synchro) Truck
  • Heavy Rigid (Semi-Automatic, Synchro & Non-Synchro) Truck
  • Heavy Combination (Automatic & Non-Synchro) Semi-Trailer
  • Multi Combination (Automatic & Non-Synchro) B-Double
  • LF & LO Forklift Training & Assessment


Light Rigid (LR) Synchromesh Licence

A Victorian Light Rigid (LR) Synchromesh driver’s licence permits you to drive trucks and other rigid vehicles between 4.5 and 8 tonnes GVM and seating 12+ passengers and yourself.

Course duration: 6 hours.

Job prospects: Include food delivery, tour guide, and shuttle driver, among others.


Medium Rigid Bus Training

The Yugo Bus Driving Course is tailored for new and more experienced drivers alike who want to upgrade their skills and current licence to allow the transport of passengers, such as teachers or carers who wish to take their students or patients on excursions.

Course duration: Full-day course for beginners, over 8 hours.

Job prospects: Include bus driver, furniture removal, food delivery, and general freight delivery, among others.


Medium Rigid Truck

A Medium Rigid truck licence permits a driver to operate any two-axle rigid vehicle with a GVM of more than 8 tonnes, inclusive of a truck or bus.

Course duration: 8 hours, with the option of taking the advanced course if experienced, which takes 6 hours.

Job prospects: Include bus driver, furniture removal, general freight delivery, and food products deliver, among others.


Heavy Rigid Truck

A Victorian Heavy Rigid driver’s licence permits you to drive a bus or truck with 3+ axles and more than 8 tonnes GVM. This course is available for auto, synchromesh and non-synchromesh gearboxes.

Course duration: Automatic (8 hours); Synchromesh (10 hours); Non-Synchromesh (13 hours).

Job prospects: Include coach driver, tow truck driver, heavy freight delivery, concrete agitator driver, and refrigerated transport, among others.


Heavy Combination Semi-Trailer

A heavy combination semi-trailer licence allows you to operate a prime mover, a single semi-trailer over 9 tonnes GVM and a rigid vehicle plus trailer that exceeds 9 tonnes.

Course duration: Automatic (9 hours); Non-Synchromesh (13 hours).

Job prospects: Include road construction, quarry driver, refrigerated transport, heavy general freight, and container transport, among others.


Multi-Combination B-Double

This licence will allow you to drive a prime mover, single semi-trailer exceeding 9 tonnes, or rigid vehicle plus trailer greater than 9 tonnes GVM with automatic gearbox. 

Course duration: 10 hours.

Job prospects: Include long haul and road train driver, B-double tipper, linehaul and change over driver, interstate and intrastate driver, refrigerated transport, and tanker driver, among others.


So you can see how attaining your truck licence can open up many doors and give you the chance to see the country. At Yugo Driving School our high level of training, equipment and testing is second to none. All driver training and testing is conducted on an individual one-on-one basis.


For more information, get in touch or call us on (03) 9794 0040. We’re happy to answer any questions and help you get the licence you’re looking for.