Heavy Combination (HC) Licence Training
Auto & Non-Synchromesh

Course Overview

This VicRoads approved course is for people who want a Victorian Heavy Combination Non-Synchromesh driver’s licence.

This licence allows you to drive a prime mover, single semi-trailer exceeding 9 tonnes or rigid vehicle plus trailer greater than 9 tonnes GVM with a non-synchromesh or automatic gearbox.

One-on-one courses take 9 hours (Automatic) or 13 hours (Non-Synchro).

At the end of the course, successful trainees will be issued with their Victorian Heavy Combination licence and a statement of attainment with a nationally recognised unit of competency from the TLI training package.


Course Details

Study Units

14 Hour Course (in Yugo Driving School’s Vehicle)

  • Road law
  • Performing cabin checks
  • Performing pre-drive safety inspections
  • Starting/stopping sequence
  • Turning and handling
  • Reversing and manoeuvring
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Gears and their uses
  • System of vehicle control
  • City and highway driving

Course Outcomes

  • Conduct pre-operational vehicle inspections and checks
  • Correctly start, steer, position, manoeuvre, and stop the vehicle
  • Correctly manage engine power to minimise gear and engine wear
  • Reverse, maintain visibility, and accurately position the vehicle
  • Correctly park, shut down and secure the vehicle
  • Successfully identify and avoid hazards (defensive driving)
  • Safely load the vehicle and use the most appropriate load restraint method

Course Requirements

Be able to drive a car with a manual transmission

Have a valid Victorian car licence

Have held an Australian car licence for at least two years

Have held a Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid licence for at least 1 year

Provide primary proof of identification prior to course commencement

Heavy Combination Licence

A Heavy Combination vehicle is a prime mover with a single semi-trailer exceeding 9 tonne, or a rigid vehicle plus trailer greater than 9 tonnes GVM. To qualify for a heavy combination licence you must have held a Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid classification licence for at least one year.

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Great group of instructors, very friendly atmosphere - Making learning easy!

Greg (Kilsyth Sth)

I connected with Yugo to upgrade my licence to a HC and promptly booked. The facility and the teachers have been friendly and helpful.

Peter (Gembrook)

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