Heavy Combination (HC) Licence Training

Course Overview

This VicRoads approved course is for people who want a Victorian Heavy Combination Non-Synchromesh driver’s licence.

This licence allows you to drive a prime mover, single semi-trailer exceeding 9 tonnes or rigid vehicle plus trailer greater than 9 tonnes GVM with a non-synchromesh or automatic gearbox.

One-on-one courses take 9 hours (Automatic) or 13 hours (Non-Synchro).

Candidates have the option of receiving a statement of attainment with a nationally recognised unit of competency from the TLI training package. At the completion of the course, successful trainees will be issued with their Victorian Heavy Combination licence and, if selected, their statement of attainment.


Course Details

Study Units

14 Hour Course (in Yugo Driving School’s Vehicle)

  • Road law
  • Performing cabin checks
  • Performing pre-drive safety inspections
  • Starting/stopping sequence
  • Turning and handling
  • Reversing and manoeuvring
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Gears and their uses
  • System of vehicle control
  • City and highway driving

Course Outcomes

  • Conduct pre-operational vehicle inspections and checks
  • Correctly start, steer, position, manoeuvre, and stop the vehicle
  • Correctly manage engine power to minimise gear and engine wear
  • Reverse, maintain visibility, and accurately position the vehicle
  • Correctly park, shut down and secure the vehicle
  • Successfully identify and avoid hazards (defensive driving)
  • Safely load the vehicle and use the most appropriate load restraint method

Course Requirements

Be able to drive a car with a manual transmission

Have a valid Victorian car licence

Have held an Australian car licence for at least two years

Have held a Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid licence for at least 1 year

Provide primary proof of identification prior to course commencement

Heavy Combination Licence

A Heavy Combination vehicle is a prime mover with a single semi-trailer exceeding 9 tonne, or a rigid vehicle plus trailer greater than 9 tonnes GVM. To qualify for a heavy combination licence you must have held a Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid classification licence for at least one year.

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Great group of instructors, very friendly atmosphere - Making learning easy!

Greg (Kilsyth Sth)

I connected with Yugo to upgrade my licence to a HC and promptly booked. The facility and the teachers have been friendly and helpful.

Peter (Gembrook)

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