Disciplinary Procedure


The objective of this policy and procedure is to make provision for the management of matters relating to alleged staff and student misconduct and student Cheating and Plagiarism.



3.1 Misconduct

3.1.1 Any staff member may, in an acute situation, take whatever reasonable action is deemed necessary as a safety precaution. If necessary the staff member may arrange for internal or external assistance.

3.1.2 Acts of alleged misconduct must in the first instance be addressed at source and resolution attempted informally.

3.1.3 If, at any stage during the informal resolution process, the staff / student admits the misconduct and accepts the penalty imposed, the matter may be considered concluded and must be documented as such by the relevant staff member.

3.1.4 The staff / student will be advised on each occasion of an alleged misconduct that after 3 recorded incidents of misconduct, the staff / student’s continued employment or enrolment in the course may be reconsidered. On the fourth incident, the staff / student will be referred by the General Manager of Yugo Driving School who will determine if a recommendation to terminate the current employment/enrolment is made to the CEO.

3.2 Cheating and Plagiarism

3.2.1 Definitions of cheating and plagiarism are;

  • Cheating – violation of the assessment rules to gain an advantage
  • Plagiarism – the copying of the language, ideas or thoughts of another author, and representation of their work as student’s original work.

3.2.2 Prevention mechanisms are:

  • Students are informed prior to enrolment that cheating & plagiarism is not acceptable and there will be consequences
  • Students must sign a declaration on each assessment task.
  • Trainer/Assessors will actively monitor the assessments and will not leave the room unattended during assessments.Trainers/Assessors are informed through the Assessor Guide.
  • Where assessors suspect students have plagiarized answers they will check this using plagiarism software located at http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/.

3.2.3 Consequences for cheating and plagiarism will be dealt with via the Disciplinary Procedure and will result in;

  • Students will be interviewed and given the opportunity to explain.
  • Initially the student will be given a verbal warning and the student will be required to re-do another equivalent assessment task
  • If a repeated offense occurs the student will be given a final written warning outlining the details which will be signed by the RTO manager, trainer/assessor and the student. This will be kept on Student file. Student will be required to re-do another equivalent assessment task
  • Any further infringements will result in the students being expelled from YUGO Driving School with NO REFUND given.
  • A letter will be given to the student explaining the situation and will be kept on student file.