Medium Rigid Bus Driver Training

Course Overview

Yugo’s bus driving course is aimed at both new and experienced drivers who wish to upgrade their skills to be able to drive passengers—for example, teachers taking classes on excursions or school field trips. This is a full-day course for beginners, over 8 hours.


Course Details

Study Units

8 hour course

  • Start and stop sequences
  • City and highway driving
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Vehicle manoeuvring and control;

    Roundabouts/tight turns

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Conduct pre-operational vehicle inspections and checks
  • Correctly start, steer, position, manoeuvre, and stop the vehicle
  • Correctly manage engine power to minimise gear and engine wear
  • Reverse, maintain visibility, and accurately position the vehicle
  • Correctly park, shut down and secure the vehicle
  • Successfully identify and avoid hazards (defensive driving)
  • Safely load the vehicle and use the most appropriate load restraint method

Course Requirements

Have held a Victorian car licence for a minimum of 12 months

Provide Victorian car licence proof of identification prior to course commencement

Please call or email for a quote

(03) 9794 0040

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Very friendly and relaxed staff! Loved the experience.

Chloe Mace (Mt Eliza) - John Paul College

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