The Best Things About Being a Bus Driver

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Get actively involved with your local community while getting great pay and a range of travelling opportunities. Sounds good? Here are the reasons why this is a great time to consider starting a career as a bus driver.

A job high in demand

At Yugo Driving School, we have insights showing that the growing transport industry is experiencing a high turnover, which means that there are regular job openings available. With the assurance of good job security in the industry, there are also a range of employment choices from government transport authorities to scheduled bus, charter and coach services throughout Victoria.

Flexible work hours that work around you

Becoming a bus driver is not your typical 9 to 5 job. For example, if you choose to be a school bus driver, you might be only working in the mornings and afternoons, which means you will have a long enjoyable break in between.

You don’t need a three-year degree

Launching your career in bus driving does not require spending three years at University. At Yugo, bus driver training can start and finish with as little as six hours, so you can embark on your new career very quickly.

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Meeting lots of amazing people

If you love meeting new people, being a bus driver can be very rewarding. On the journey, you will be able to meet and build relationships with colleagues and many different people from the general public. Often you’ll find yourself greeting similar faces and having great conversations.

The perfect work/life balance

At the end of the day, there is no homework and no paperwork piling up to do at home. So when it is the end of the day, the day is really done and you’ll be able to enjoy your life outside of work.

The thrill of driving

For those who love driving, controlling a large and powerful vehicle on the open road can be an exciting challenge to embark on. Not to mention, getting paid to drive.

Explore Victoria while getting paid

The job is perfect for those who don’t like working in the confines of an office environment but enjoy driving and exploring new places around Victoria. With depots across the state, there are so many places you’ll be able to see.

If bus driving sounds like the right job for you, get in touch or call us on (03) 9794 0040 to start your bus driving career with the best in the business.

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