The BelAZ 75710: World’s Biggest Tonka Toy

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We’ve done the math, and it weighs about as much as 160 000 Tonka Trucks. That’s big…. Wheely, wheely big. It’s a mining truck of colossal proportions. It’s got 4600 horse power: Four and a half times as many as a Bugatti Veyron. But it’s not for the speed junkies among you: its top speed 64 kilometres per hour. But hey, that’s enough to get a ticket in a school zone, right?! Never mind that the Belaz 75710 is so far from appropriate for  a school zone….

Aside from being a really, really, top notch dump truck, what else can you do with this mining giant? Well, if you’ve ever thought about picking up about 10 (loaded) semitrailers at once, this is your tool…


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