Life on the Road: The Many Benefits of a Career as a Truck Driver

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A career as a truck driver can be rewarding and lucrative, with an Indeed study* placing the average salary for an owner operator driver at $74,896 per year in Australia, based on 125 salaries studied.
If you’re looking for truck driver training in Melbourne, Yugo Driving School in Dandenong is your answer. For more than 45 years we’ve been training drivers and servicing the Greater Melbourne transport industry. As a VicRoads, WorkSafe & ASQA Licence Provider, we can train and test you from our depot in Dandenong, offering one-on-one instruction for all truck licence classifications.

Here are some of the benefit you could enjoy if you decide on a truck driving career.

Paid to Travel

Many truck drivers are attracted to it as a career because it gives them the chance to travel and see the country. If you love to drive, can’t envision yourself working in an office, and want to see different parts of Melbourne and Australia, truck driving could be the perfect job.

Steady Pay & Job Security

The transport industry is booming, and there is no shortage of jobs. Most truck driving contracts offer a tenure of 3-5 years, which makes for steady and sustained work. Yugo truck driving training courses range between 6-13 hours, meaning you can begin your career in a short amount of time.

Increased Wages

Many companies offer an increase in wages the longer you work and the more experience you gain. There can also be other incentives on the table, such as bonuses for making runs on time and safe driving.

Freedom on the Road

Being on the road gives you the freedom to live how you want while you drive. Want the radio blasting? Want to listen to eBooks or podcasts to learn new skills as you go? Truck driving gives you the freedom to relax and follow other interests while you work.

If any or all of these sound enticing, get in touch with Yugo Driving School today to arrange your truck driver training in melbourne.

Get in Touch with Yugo Driving School

Yugo Driving School has maintained its reputation as the leader in Transport Driver Training. Our high level of training, equipment and testing is second to none. All driver training and testing is conducted on an individual one-on-one basis.

For more information, get in touch or call us on (03) 9794 0040. We’re happy to answer any questions and help you get the licence you’re looking for.


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