Ivan the Terra Bus

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If you’ve ever wondered just where your Yugo license can take you… here’s somewhere really unusual. And this is one unusual vehicle…


An image of Ivan the Terra Bus in Antarctica. Blue sky, white snow, and a few people standing around in red coats.


Introducing Ivan the Terra Bus!

Ivan lives in Antarctica. He’s not very fast. He corners terra-bly. But that’s not the point: Ivan is a really special guy.

Being professional drivers, we understand that each vehicle can have a personality of sorts, and that is certainly something that Ivan has in spades. His dated wood panel interior, his 40km per hour speed limit, and his 5mpg fuel efficiency are all quirks that make him one of the most loved vehicles of the southern hemisphere.

Ivan helps visitors to the Ross Island base get from A to B like almost no other vehicle could. He’s specifically designed for the Arctic Tundra by Canadians who’ve been there, he weighs 30-odd tons and can ram through a snowdrift like a hot knife through butter! And as a 90’s kid Ivan is celebrating his twenty-third birthday this year. It’ll be a sad day when he has to go into retirement for all those who’ve ridden aboard him over the years. But his ruggedness is sure to keep him going for a little while longer…

So, if Melbourne winter’s not cold enough for you, maybe you can head even further down under and give him a go!

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