Electric Heavy Orchestra: The Future of Trucking

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If you thought trying to find a spare outlet to plug in your mobile phone charger was difficult then just think about how difficult it would be to connect your 23.5-tonne truck for some much-needed electric juice.


The 100% electric SEA-Drive powered 23.5t GVM GHEV powered by 212kWh pack/ 3500Nm electric motor.

The 100% electric SEA-Drive powered 23.5t GVM GHEV — source SeaElectric Twitter

That’s right, trucks are starting to catch up to cars in the alternative fuel race.

While the realm of electric transport had previously been confined to smaller vehicles like bikes and cars, one of Australia’s major supermarket retailers has just unveiled the first of its electric trucks.

Produced by Australian manufacturer SeaElectric, the truck is fully electric—meaning it saves on the expensive cost of diesel, and more importantly, significantly reduces harmful carbon emissions for the environment.

The standard configuration of the battery for these electric trucks yields 180 kilometres of driving distance, but the Woolworths-specific trucks will have even greater power. The trucks will also have the capability to be fully recharged in under seven hours. 

With Australia’s population growing exponentially year after year, the demand on supermarket produce is only going to increase—which means the number of trucks on the roads delivering those goods is also only going to go up.

The awareness of our impact on the planet has never been so prevalent in the public psyche, so it is fantastic to see Woolworths leading the way with innovations for change.

Who knows, the next truck you drive may just need to be plugged in at the end of your day’s work.

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