Charity Drives: The Burrumbuttock Hay Runners

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It’s a big journey to make a big difference.

Over 80% of Queensland is in drought, a drought that has lasted almost four years in some regions. As a result, Queensland farmers are doing it tough. The situation is dire: its only getting harder for them to feed their livestock and their families.

But there is a group of truckers doing what they can to help, and we think it’s pretty stellar.

Truckie and farmer, Brendan Farrell, has been organising the Burrumbuttock Hay Drive since 2013, and has done 11 hay runs in that time.

This month, a convoy of 125 trucks visited Ilfracombe, travelling 1694 kilometers to deliver the much-needed aid.

Amongst the cargo were fresh fruit and vegetables, medical supplies, and over $6 million worth of hay.

We think this is something worth celebrating, and shows real trucker spirit. Rock on, Hay Runners!



Image credit: Queensland Country Life

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