A Heavy Rigid Licence – What’s in it for you?

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If you’re interested in a career in truck driving, you’ve come to the right place. And if it’s a Heavy Rigid licence you need, we’re the Melbourne experts.

What’s a Heavy Rigid vehicle?

A Heavy Rigid (HR) vehicle has a gross vehicle mass (or weight) of more than eight tonnes, and has at least three wheel axles. By comparison, the Medium Rigid licence only covers you for smaller, single rear axle vehicles. You’ll need a special category of driver’s licence before you can operate a HR vehicle, but it’s a quick process that Yugo can make very simple for you.

View the HR Vehicle Licence course overview here.

Why get a HR licence?

A career as a truck driver can be highly rewarding – you can travel and see the country and work is generally reliable with strong average salaries. With a HR licence you can get the extra edge and increase your employment opportunities.

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Specialist skills

Not every driver can operate a HR vehicle, but they are needed everywhere. From construction to waste management, transport and warehousing/distribution, having a HR licence means you are specially equipped to handle jobs that others can’t.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

Melbourne – and Victoria more generally – is in the middle of a construction boom as a result of a massive overhaul of infrastructure and transport. There are 41 major road and rail projects underway, including the Metro Tunnel, level crossing removals, the West Gate Tunnel, the North East Link and a long list of road and freeway upgrades. Trucks and truck drivers are essential to getting these projects completed over the next few years, and there is no shortage of new jobs being created every day, both on these projects and with the government’s construction partners.

It doesn’t take long

From start to finish the process of getting a heavy rigid licence in Melbourne is quick and easy, especially when you sign up to a Yugo course. You’ll need to:

  • Book online 3-5 days in advance
  • Fill out a short online application form
  • Complete the required one-on-one course over 8 hours (Automatic), 10 hours (Synchro) or 13 hours (Non-Synchro) at our Dandenong headquarters.

Once you’ve successfully completed our course, you’ll receive your Heavy Rigid licence and an accredited Statement Of Attainment if you’ve requested one.

You don’t need a long driving history

To apply for a HR licence, you just need to have held an Australian car driver’s licence for at least 24 months.

It’s not just for trucks

A HR licence also applies to buses, where multiple rigid sections connect to one another to allow rotary movement and passenger access between sections. Another option for employment if you choose to take that path.

There are plenty of great reasons to get your HR licence and Yugo is the best place in Melbourne to start. Visit this page to find out more and apply online.

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